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It’s vital that ‪#‎girlslikeus‬ become the showrunners of our narratives, hence the need for Her Story. Watch the trailer + let’s help make this happen -> http://ow.ly/QQGXH

When smartassjen‘s character starts talking about comparing herself to other women, mentally noting all the ways that her body is shaped differently enough to make her stand out, even in her own mind, I fucking lost it. 

This show is going to destroy me. In all the best ways that Transparent actually could not. …. I mean, first of all, it’s a story about trans women that’s actually about how being trans impacts these women’s lives (without focusing on their transition) and NOT about how their being trans impacts the lives of everyone else they know and love (FUCK YOU TRANSPARENT, ABOUT RAY [although it’s about a young trans man, the complaint applies], NORMAL AND JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER FUCKING “TRANS” MOVIE EVER).

I can’t fucking wait for this show. They’re still seeking funding for post-production, though, so contribute if you can. This is Very Important Media Representation, folks. All donations are tax deductible, if that’s your thing, and they have many varying levels of contributions and perks. They’re not quite half-way to their goal, so please help them out!

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