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Not every trans woman knows that they were supposed to be a girl when they were a little kid.

Not every trans woman grew up always feeling drawn to stereotypical “girl toys” or clothing.

A lot of us don’t figure it out until later in life and that’s OK.  There is a popular trans narrative that our cis oppressors like to promote because in their minds, if we come to the realization that we were supposed to be girls when we were young it’s somehow pure to them, but if we figure things out when we are older they try to paint us as sick men with a sexual fetish which is of course bullshit.

There is no one standard trans narrative! We come to discover who we really are in all sorts of ways and they are all valid.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Edit - I didn’t figure it out till I was 31.  I retrospect it’s obvious now, but back then I didn’t know any better and that does not make me more or less valid a woman, same as you.

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